DIY Fume Sucker

I don’t usually publish the stupid things I hack together (code or otherwise), but I’m especially proud of this one, mostly because it’s my first really useful one.

I sometimes work for an engineering company designing electronics, firmware, and user interfaces for medical device prototypes. When I’m prototyping, I do a good amount of soldering. I was sick of having a small box fan in my work area to suck the solder fumes away, so I decided to try making my own that worked better with my workflow.

Parts list:

Drilled a hole in the center of the mending plate for the gooseneck thread to pass through, then secured with a nut and lock washer. Same for the base plate. The desk clamp kind of sucks. I’d much prefer a heavy base plate so it could be used on any surface, not just the edge. Works pretty well, though I could have definitely gone with a smaller gooseneck and fan. No, it doesn’t scrub the fumes. Yes, I’m an asshole to my coworkers.

I’m pretty bad at writing build steps, so I’ll just let the pictures explain.