• Web scrapers (Python)
  • Designed and refactored multiple internal APIs (Python, gRPC, Flask, peewee, metaprogramming, REST)
  • Managed deployments (AWS, Fabric)
  • Built an internal administration system (Ruby on Rails)

  • Internal work for developer dashboard (DevOps, AWS, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Ansible)

Unite Our World Now

(currently in internal beta — link coming soon)

  • Location-based forum site (Ruby on Rails, DevOps)

London School of Economics and Political Science

  • Web scraper (Python, REST APIs)
  • OCR document analyzer (Python, NLTK)

Ground Energy Support

  • API maintenance and enhancements (Python, Django, DevOps)

Obelus Media

  • User-facing portal for statistics reporting (Python, Django, JavaScript, Backbone.js)

Eyehand Design

  • Web scraper for aggregating blog posts from multiple sites (Python, Drupal)

Bain & Company

  • Web scraper, geotagging, and analytics (Python)

NDensity, Inc.

  • Backend and frontend work for a university-sponsored psychological study tool (Python, Pyramid, JavaScript, Backbone.js)

Karl Sims

  • Full-featured frontend for a Linux and Mac special effects/art application (C++, Qt, OpenGL)

Tangible Design, Inc.

  • Server component to a cell modem-enabled blood pressure device (Java)
  • Control system for a prototype medical device:
    • GUI and serial interface (Python, Qt)
    • Device interface (C, Arduino)
    • Miscellaneous electronics prototyping
  • Electronic lock device:
    • Electronics prototyping and assembly
    • Embedded C, low-level motor control, I2C device interfacing

BNS Solutions

  • Designed a thermostat simulator based on a state diagram
  • Implemented a state machine (JavaScript)

Metro Pedal Power

  • Route planning system (Ruby on Rails)
    • Enables creation of routes for a delivery service
    • Google maps integration and location geocoding

Indigo Digital, Inc.

  • Contract work for a local software development company specializing in Drupal
  • Designed and implemented custom modules
  • Customized existing modules
  • Performed installation, migration, and maintenance

PSK Healthcare Strategies

  • Backend component to an Android app which is approaching public beta (Ruby on Rails)

Geekhouse Bikes

  • Designed WordPress theme from graphic designer’s Photoshop mockup (Geekhouse Racing)
  • Wrote a JavaScript widget for team member profile pages
  • Designed a simple race calendar widget (jQuery)